The Phone Workshop

learn amazing techniques for how to process images with your phone.


How to use phone apps to create and manipulate images in creative ways.

In this workshop I go through how I edit images using my phone, both for personal and professional use. At the end of the workshop I guarantee you will have learned techniques you had no idea existed.

Knowing what you can do to an image makes you a better photographer.

Few skills are more important than pre-visualization, learning to see what you can create with the tools you have at hand.

What you get:

My workflow from capture to end result.

HOW to take an image from CAPTURE to finished product with as few steps as possible.


20 individual edits

Breakdown on what apps to use for amazing results.

create images that will make people gasp


The Phone Workshop



I take more photos with my phone than any other camera, so I decided to learn how to use my phone to edit them for professional use. In the process I found techniques I couldn't even imagine existed.

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I am forever chasing light. Light turns the ordinary into magical.


Past Workshops Reviews

"Not to be dramatic, but this workshop changed my whole outlook on life."

"Friends who are creatives, I can't recommend this workshop enough! Unlike any I've ever been a part of and one of the most beneficial workshops I've ever attended in 11 years of photography."

Italy, Naples

Ember & Silk, 2020