Summit 2020 and 2021

This is a talk I gave at the Wedding Photography Summit in 2020. It's a short (1 hour) version of my 8 hour workshop "Master The Art of Storytelling". It's on sale for $149. The video below that is the talk I did at Summit the following year, a talk that resulted in the workshop "The Tangible Workshop", which is on sale for $99.

In the menu bar you'll find a link to that workshop. It will cover all things tangible, books, prints and other tangible memories we leave behind. I believe in producing things that will outlast the folders of images that inevitably will get lost on a hard drive somewhere.

I have devoted a big part of my life to craft stories that matter. That have impact. Stories that make you feel something. Stop. Take a deep breath. Stories that lift you and absorb you. I have worked on the contents of this workshop for years, adapting and perfecting it. It sums up what I know about telling stories.

So sit back, make yourself a cup of coffee, grab pen and paper, get ready to take notes, and unfold the power of story.


a greater story

one-day storytelling workshop with jonas peterson

The TaNgible Workshop

learn how to create tangible things with jonas peterson